California Medical Association Resource Guide:  Parenting and COVID-19

COVID-19 has upended life for all of us. With each day comes new challenges and realities. We know that many of you have children who will be at home for the foreseeable future. San Francisco pediatrician and Vice Chair of the CMA Board of Trustees Shannon Udovic-Constant, M.D., has compiled a list of tips and resources for parents to help them talk to their kids about COVID-19, as well as how to educate, entertain and stay engaged.


Read Aloud 15 Minutes

Reading aloud is the "single most important activity" parents can do to prepare their child for reading and learning.

Recent research tells us that by age 3 the gat is showing up in early brain development between children whose parents read to them and those who do not.

Parents do not understand the power of reading aloud every day from birth.  Forty-six percent of parents with children ages 0-5 read aloud to them fewer than five days a week. Eight percent read aloud less than once a week.

Take the 21-Day Challenge!



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